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guide Available commands

Here are all the avilable commands you have :


  • /enligne ou /online (depending of the language of your game) : To know how many players are connected.
  • /gmlist : Displays the available staff members.
  • /unstuck : Téléports you to your obelisk if you are stuck.
  • /checkentry : Displays your remaining cooldowns of instances.
  • /roll : Rolls the dices
  • /infos : Displays the droplist of the targeted NPC.
  • /noexp : Blocks all gain of XP. Retyping the command will enable back the XP gains.
  • /preview + Item ID : Changes your appearance temporarly to preview a skin on you.
  • /fix + character name : To fix your character. Do it on an other character on the same account to remove stigmas, stuff and bring you back to your obelisk.
  • /givemissingskills : Checks all your skills and gives you those that are missing.
  • /evopoints : Displays EvoPoints you made.
  • /evoboost <45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 74> : Levelup Accelerator. You still have to do Ascenstion and High Daeva quests.
  • /cancelmorph : Cancels candy morph.
  • /getid + item link : Displays the id of the linked item
  • /reskin : Command to reskin items with EvoR or EvoPoints (more details here).
  • /isshop + item link : Checks if the linked item is from the Evolution Shop.
  • /nogs : Disables procs of GS and +20 skills given and recieved.
  • /rezme : resurects you at your kisk or obelisk if you are bugged.
  • /instancepvp : inscribes you in the upcomming PvP event (available when announces are broadcasted in game) (also works even if the event has already started or if you had a game crash).

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