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guide Stuff reskin with commands


First, three commands to know :

  • /preview <item ID> : shows you how you will be with the given skin ID
  • /getid <item link> : to get the id of the following linked item
  • /reskin : to modify skins

Keep in mind :

  • Have the item in your inventory
  • Have the skin in your inventory
  • Have ONLY ONE of each
  • Have the required amount of EvoPoints or Mark of Nvidia

Mode 1 : Reskin with a skin you already have

You can reskin an item you have on an other item. For armors, the reskin will be done, regardless of the armor type restriction. Mind to check with /preview before to be sure the skin can apply on you (class restriction, gender restriction…).

It works on in-game and shop skins.

Usage : /reskin <ID of item to reskin> <ID of the skin>

Check with /getid the ID to use in the command.

Costs in Evopoints :

  • Head and Torso : 250 EP
  • Hands, Shoulders, Legs, Boots : 150 EP
  • Weapons and Shields : 200 EP
  • Wings and Jewelry : 100 EP

Mode 2 : Move a skin between items

If the skin is already on an item, the command will switch the skin between the items.

The usage and the price in EP is the same but you will also need an Nvidia Mark to perform the switch.

Mode 3 : Reskin with a skin you don't have

The last mode of the command allows you to reskin an item without having the skin.

Shop skins are not available in this mode. Other in-game skins are also excluded.

Check wether the skin you want is possible with : /reskin check <ID to check>

Reskin by this way will cost you same Evopoints prices and Nvidia Marks : 

  • Torso : 7 marks
  • Hands, Shoulders, Legs, Boots : 4 marks
  • Head, One hand weapon, Shield : 10 marks
  • Two hands weapon : 14 marks
  • Wings : 18 marks
  • Jewelry : 1 mark

Usage is the same : /reskin <ID of item to reskin> <ID of the skin>

Enjoy !


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